Cambiano, the Bespoke Seat by Iacobucci HF Aerospace and Pininfarina, won the International Yacht and Aviation design Award

The new Business Class seat was awarded in the “Cabin design” category, selected by industry professionals who voted the shortlisted solutions presented at the Luxe et al‘s contest. Lucio Iacobucci, President and CEO of the Italian Manufacturer: “This confirms our vision in a competitive market race where Airlines need to differentiate and offer more quality, service, comfort and elegance”


May 28th, 2018. Ferentino (FR), Italy. A new level of comfort that enhances the experience of the Business Class during the mid and long range flights, upgrading it to the standards of the First Class. This is what Cambiano, the Bespoke Seat handcrafted in Italy by Iacobucci HF Aerospace in collaboration with Pininfarina, offers to all the Premium Cabins passengers. And this is one of the reasons why Cambiano won the International Yacht and Aviation design Award in the category “Cabin Design”. The International Yacht & Aviation Awards are hosted by Luxe et al (a leading yacht and aviation magazine published by design et al) and represent an influential voice of the whole market, as shortlisted solutions are submitted directly on line and voted by industry professionals, Luxe et al‘s readers, clients and customers.

Receiving an international award among other prestigious companies made us very proud”, says Lucio Iacobucci, President and CEO of Iacobucci HF Aerospace, “and confirmed our vision of a Bespoke Business Class Seat in a competitive market race where Airlines need to differentiate and offer more quality, service, comfort and elegance in the Premium Cabins”.

Cambiano won the International Yacht and Aviation design Award after being introduced as a concept at last year’s Aircraft Interiors Expo, where it gathered the attention of the public of the Show thanks to its innovative elegant shell design. Last April, at the 2018 edition of the Hamburg’s Fair, Cambiano debuted as a steady reality ready to get on board and make the difference between a pleasant flight and an unforgettable flying experience.

The shapes of Cambiano were carefully conceived to infuse the contemporary design, the ergonomy and the luxurious finishes provided by Pininfarina in the engineering know-how of Iacobucci HF Aerospace. The result is a solution with no compromises. The highest measures of comfort and privacy are guaranteed by several features, all developed around the passenger’s needs: the seat can stretch in a full flat position to give the perfect room and relaxation with the 67” installing pitch in bed position. In front of the seat, passengers find a private and convenient drawer, lined with Alcantara, where they can storage their personal belongings safely. The entertainment during the flight is always on: Cambiano is equipped with an exceptionally bright 16,1” display, electrical PC power outlets and three USB chargers for each pax, making sure that all portable devices can find their right place to be. The peculiar design of the parts that form Cambiano allows Airlines to customize some elements, according to their preferences and branding needs. But its main feature is the enjoyment vouched by the Italian quality in craftsmanship.

The Bespoke Seat is only one the results obtained through the efforts Iacobucci HF Aerospace is making to draw a full circle out of its strategy. Total commitment to innovation, accessibility, reliability, sustainability is the Company’s answer to the needs of the Airlines, who are aware that the passenger must be put in the middle of every service. From this point view, Cambiano is part of an ecosystem that includes other product lines displayed at the Aircraft Interiors Expo, such as the new version of the Induction Oven Gusto and the updates of the Coffee Makers Robusta and the Espresso Machine.