I will love you to the moon and back … Well, so far we could expect to meet there halfway.

How unforgettable would it be to have your wedding ceremony in space? Thanks to the new company Space Perspective it might be possible very soon. The whole experience will take place aboard SpaceShip Neptune, a balloon-borne pressurized capsule, for a very gentle ride all the way up to an altitude of 100, 000 feet (30, 000 meters). Two hours up, two hours up-there, and two hours down for a total trip of 6 hours.

Able to carry up to eight passengers and one pilot, the Space Ship Neptune is not only for weddings. Equipped with a bar, a bathroom, seats, panoramic windows, WIFI !! and we hope Jet Attitude magazine…many kinds of ceremonies and tours can take place aboard the capsule.

Because it uses a balloon to lift to the stratosphere, the gentle ride will make this experience accessible to the majority of people. No need for pre-training, passengers will just receive a familiar safety briefing before departure, just like on a plane.

Space Perspective founder and co-CEO, Jane Poynter said “Everybody should be able to see the Earth from space”

Ticket prices have not been confirmed yet, however it expected to be about $250,000 a seat. If so it will be half the Virgin Galactic price. Even though the first flight test is scheduled for 2021, seats can already be reserved on Space Perspective website on a first booked, first-served basis. At this stage, there is no payment required and payment will be asked only once the seat price is officially confirmed in 2021.

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